A Randy’s Resolution

January 04, 2019

Each January, we all strive to improve ourselves somehow in the new year. More often than not, these resolutions revolve around improving our health by being more active and eating better. While Randy’s Pickles can’t motivate you to get to your local gym (we’re picklers, not yoga instructors, unfortunately) we CAN help improve your diet. Snacking is one of the most difficult things to cut out when trying to improve a diet. Instead of removing snacking all together, snack better! Snack time? You can pickle that!

Did you know the average pickle has 7 calories? We’re not nutritionists but simple math shows that this means you can fill up on A LOT of pickles and feel great about it. At the end of the day, you’re crunching on vegetables so what’s not to love?

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We know people love adding our pickles to assorted meals involving sandwiches and such but consider adding us to a healthy snack of a handful of mixed nuts and some cheese cubes. It’s like having your own midday charcuterie board! Other ideas include adding some diced up pickles to your peanut butter toast (it will change your life, we promise) or doing a turkey and pickle roll up for a low carb, high protein treat.

Hummus and pretzels can always be improved by a few pickle spears as will that egg white sandwich you’re making for your healthy breakfast. We’ve even been known to replace potato chips with pickles entirely to cure our hankering for salt.

On your next grocery trip, be sure to stop by the pickle aisle and grab a few jars of Randy’s. We’re here to help you snack healthy all year long. Curious where to find us? This handy store locator will show you which stores have our pickles on their shelves.

Randy's Pickles snack