About Our Gourmet Pickles

Originally Founded in 2012, Randy’s Pickles quickly grew from one man's obsession into a local favorite. Fast forward a decade, and Randy's Pickles is now Randy's Artisanal, a proud member of the Sidari Artisan Brands family of companies. With this evolution comes the freshest of ingredients and the most flavorful pickles we've ever made. With the Sidari Brands resources, we're now able to perfect and offer our hand-crafted, artisan pickles for a larger, more widespread audience. #AlwaysBePickling


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The story of two pickles— one modified, submerged, showered, and injected with chemicals to turn less-than-quality, old, gray cucumbers into a "pickle" that has faux-crunch, faux-color, and faux-taste. The other picked ripe off the vine and made with fresh, REAL, ingredients provided only by nature, NOT by "ingredients" concocted in some factory lab. Hit play, and learn the full story of these two pickles.