About Our Gourmet Pickles

Started in May 2012, Founder and Chief Pickling Officer, Andrew Rainey found himself with extra time and money after a breakup. While strolling the aisles of a grocery store he landed in front of one of his favorite foods, pickles.

"When you are
in a pickle,
eat your way out!"


All he saw were the same old pickles, same ingredients, same size, same brands and same old flavor. Sure they are good, but he wanted exceptional. Instead of buying pickles, he bought vinegar, salt and cucumbers.

The next day he went to his grandmothers house to try out this new hobby. They made the Spicy Dill Spears with no recipe or idea how to make pickles. They just enjoyed each others company and had fun.

After teaming up with a few friends, countless hours of experimenting, getting feedback from friends and family - Randy's Pickles has evolved into more than just a weekend hobby. Creating a better pickle, in a bigger jar with bigger flavor.

Fast forward to 2022, and Randy's Pickles is now Randy's Artisanal, a proud member of the Sidari Artisan Brands family of companies. With this evolution comes the freshest of ingredients and the most flavorful pickles we've ever made. With the Sidari Brands resources, we're now able to perfect and offer our hand-crafted, artisan pickles for a larger, more widespread audience. #AlwaysBePickling


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