A championship level Charcuterie board

January 18, 2019

As you may or may not be aware, we’re coming up a pretty large scale championship football game in the near future. It’s tradition to throw a viewing party for this “big game” (the real name of which can’t be used because of fun legal reasons but it’s the one named for a bowl that is grand in scale…) and the food at said party is as big a reason to attend as the game itself. Whether you’re hosting or traveling to someone else’s party, you can be the real MVP by bringing a top notch charcuterie board.

For the uninitiated, a charcuterie board is basically a fancy way to say “a plate with cheese, meats, and various fixins.” There is an infinite number of ways to put together a charcuterie board but in our mind here is what you’ll need to keep people coming back to the table over and over.

Three quality cheeses

Everyone has a preference when it comes to cheese but if you get a quality cheddar, a smoked Gouda, and then a mild blue cheese you’re going to hit most people’s taste buds. You can also add a brie or goat if you prefer something spreadable.

Two smoked meats

You can’t go wrong with a peppered salami or pepperoni but we also love a nice prosciutto. A great tip here is to go to the deli section of the grocery store and ask for their suggestions.


The main side to cheese and meats should, of course, always be a couple of jars or Randy’s. To make everyone happy consider grabbing a jar of Deli Style Dill, Sideburns, and Mustache on Fire. These all pair excellently with any meat and/or cheese.

Other fixins

A jar of garlic-stuffed olives adds a great briny aspect to the board, and you’ll want to make sure you grab a few varieties of crackers so people can put together their own mini sandwiches. You can also consider adding some dried fruits, and some mustard or jams.


If you’ve never put together a charcuterie board before, head to your local Heinen’s, Kroger, Acme or any other grocery store and ask the people at the cheese or deli counter. They’ll guide you in the right direction. And be sure to grab a few extra jars of Randy’s for yourself as well. You’re doing all the work. You deserve it.


In the morning, you can use the leftovers as snacks next to your recovery Bloody Mary. Pro tip: add a dash of the pickle juice to that as well.


Touchdown! Sports!