2016 The Year of the Pickle

January 24, 2016


We are excited to see what 2016 has in store for Randy's Pickles. 

The new year brings resolutions and changes, well our resolution is to not make any changes. We are going to continue to hand make our products with the highest quality ingredients and work diligently every day to make the best possible pickle. 

Back on January 8th we took at road trip to Chicago with  our friends down at Cleveland Kraut to sample Pickles and Sauerkraut at the Chicago area Heinens Fine Foods. We met some really kind and awesome folks out there that really make the trip feel like home. 

In other big news, Sideburns "the Original Grilled Pickle", was launched into several locations in the Cleveland and Columbus area. You can now find them in Hills Downtown Market and Giant Eagle Market District in the Columbus area. 

The Cleveland locations include Giant Eagle Market District in Solon, Green, Cuyahoga Falls and Strongsville as well as several others including K&K Portage Meats, The Grocery OHC and Polanski Meats in Amherst. 

Everything else aside, we love making pickles each and every day. No days are given, we only earn the right to do this because of you guys, our valued friends, family, suppliers and customers. We owe everything to you. You are the reason we work hard and we can't thank you enough. 

Market season is right around the corner so we will see you soon!